Zwolle’s Dairy Queen stands where once was located quite a regal hotel


In Zwolle, Louisiana on today’s U. S. 171 bypass, there is a Dairy Queen Restaurant.  Where this Dairy Queen stands once stood a grand-ish hotel for the day and the place… The Arlington Hotel was built in 1910 and owned by the Gaul family of Zwolle.

The Arlington Hotel was listed at the time as “the leading hostelry (of the area), conducted by Mrs. Gaul. It is most pleasantly located, affords fine accommodations and is very popular with the traveling public.”

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9 thoughts on “Zwolle’s Dairy Queen stands where once was located quite a regal hotel”

    1. I didn’t anyone even thought about that old hotel. I had heard that the Gauls had left it to St. Joseph’s here and they sold the land to DQ.

  1. That was a grand old building with a lovely lobby and gorgeous staircase, dark walnut paneling, tall parlor palms in gigantic urns, Persian rugs to die for, and a green house in the back where the Gaul sisters raised flowers for St. Joseph’s altar. What a place!

  2. I recall it on the opposite corner down from the old washateria. I walked past it most of my high school yrs

  3. We lived right across the street, and rented our house from them. Mom would have me walk across the street and deliver it to them. Pretty spooky house to a little kid. We still have the piano from the hotel. Heavy as the dickens.

    1. My grandmother was Reba Parrott. She lived near the hotel, across from the high school (the Spanish style high school that was torn down, not the current one). Do you remember her?

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