The Falls on Pearl Creek

Hanging at the Falls in 1969.  Cliff Johnson and his wife in their 1964 Ford convertible
Hanging at the Falls in 1969. Cliff Johnson and his wife in their 1964 Ford convertible

I love to read about spots which were once great hangouts and which surely hold so many memories for so many people.  Cliff Johnson, who is an accomplished author with roots in southeast Texas, sent me a couple of photos taken at a place people called “The Falls.”

Hanging at the Falls in 1969.  Cliff Johnson and his wife in their 1964 Ford convertible
Hanging at the Falls in 1969. Cliff Johnson and his wife in their 1964 Ford convertible

The Falls is in Vernon Parish on Pearl Creek, which empties into the Sabine River just north of the Burr Ferry Bridge.

“Just a few miles up Pearl Creek was a place we called ‘The Falls,'” Johnson explained.  “It had a great swimming hole above the falls and a lot of people drove their cars onto the falls to wash the cars.”

Johnson, who is a retired Police Chief from Idaho, said he has heard that the Falls is no longer accessible, but he is not sure if this is accurate.  He said looking at Google Earth satellite images, it appears there has been some private development in the area.

If anyone has memories of this neat place, or photos, you are welcome to share them here!

Pearl Creek, shown east of the Burr Ferry
Pearl Creek, shown east of the Burr Ferry
Once a fun place to hang out
Once a fun place to hang out

20 thoughts on “The Falls on Pearl Creek”

  1. I live on Pearl Creek Rd. right up from the falls. It’s washed out so bad that you almost can’t even drive a four wheeler across it now. When I first moved here you could still drive a car across it, that was twenty-two yrs. ago. I haven’t been down there in a couple of yrs. so I’m not sure what kind of shape it’s in now.

  2. The Falls is very much alive still..well, to the fortunate!!Me .Mark Williams,.Cooley Cool,Jessie Lyn,have had a time..Its absolutely my favorite spot to swim…All yours while your there…lots of stories I’ve heard..lots of pictures I’ve seen…so glad to have been a part of this lil piece of Heaven…Pearl Creek…”the falls”luv

  3. My mom and dad took me to pearl creek as a little girl, in the late 70’ was a beautiful place. I have a pic of me there, when I was just a baby. It wasn’t very far from our home. Sabine River was in my back yard. Pearl creek has been a getaway place to relax, have fun and create memories for my whole family. But, unfortunately throughout the years, pearl creek has changed quite a bit. You could drive a vehicle across it before ,which now that is impossible. It has washed out. I took my two girls there last year and time has touched it no doubt, but Pearl Creek will always be my safe haven and a place I call home, not just for me, but the whole Williams Family. I am glad I have the memories I do have, to hold onto. The good ole days are greatly missed.

  4. I remember going there as a kid when we lived in Evans was in the first grade now 61 yrs old. Tried to find it a few years ago but couldn’t. Always reminded me of Pearl beer when i heard it mentioned.

  5. So many memories there, we had five Little ones and taking them down to the falls was almost daily in the summer. I have 2 beautiful pictures, one of my children on the falls and one of my neices and nephews setting on the falls, 2 of my most favorite pictures. Many times we walked up Pearl Creek , just exploring and looking for sinker logs. Good times

  6. I have so many memories there…went there just to see what it was like an see how much it has changed… Such a sad view to see it now because it’s nothing like it was when I was growing up…wish our kids kid grow up going there an enjoys a nice time….I do miss hanging out at Pearl Creek..

  7. When we tried to go there their was a chain across the opening and it said no trespassing. So I am not sure if we were at the right place. We went in anyway and just parked our truck and it took a bit but it was cool looking. Not deep enough to swim in though. We had a good water fight though. We were all in jeans and soaking wet when we left. Figure the trucks would dry out. It was fun even though we could not swim and not sure now we had the right place. We have memories of our own when we went trespassing. lol

  8. This place was a part of life! It’s just unbelievable how beautiful it is. So many memories, for everyone who ever went there. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen in Louisiana before.

    1. I have not been there since the early 1980s. I would like to visit again. Can you please send pics? Thanks. Alan Izard.

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