4 thoughts on “Scanned slides of Hodges Gardens, from 1970s”

  1. How wonderful of a treasure to have been left to the public by an outstandingly generous philanthropist, that would be a lost to irresponsible Louisiana State politics if not taken back by the Hodge’s foundation. Thanks for the Foundation’s wording of the agreement for the foresight to preserve the future of this area, so far.

  2. I never got to visit Hodges Gardens back in the 70s. My brother took a visit there on a school field trip. I always heard it was so beautiful. After retiring from the Air Force, I moved back into the area. I have visited Hodges Gardens a couple since moving back. It is still a pretty place but nothing compared to what it looks like in these slides. Such a shame it has deteriorated so much.

  3. I feel so blessed to have had the pleasure of viewing the beauty of Hodges Gardens during my Centenary Choir days. Hopefully it can now be restored to it’s original beauty.

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