Program for the dedication of the original Pendleton Bridge

ats pb1I came across this gem at the Sabine Parish Library… It is a program, published by The Sabine Index of Many, Louisiana, for the 1937 dedication of the Pendleton Bridge over the Sabine River.

This truss bridge crossing the Sabine River came thirty years before there was a Toledo Bend Lake.  For the time, it was considered a spectacular bridge… and one that essentially carved out a much needed road across the Sabine River at Pendleton between Louisiana and Texas.  Before the bridge, the Pendleton Gaines Ferry was used for travelers to get across the Sabine between Texas and Louisiana.

The 33-page program is a true look back in time… complete with photographs, advertisements, and all kinds of information about all kinds of places which surrounded the Pendleton area, from San Augustine, Texas to Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Here is the program in its entirety, again thanks to its preservation by the Sabine Parish Library.

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