Photos shared from Miller’s Store (later Castleberry’s) of Toro Community

Castleberry's Store in the 1980s
Castleberry’s Store in the 1980s

Update to Miller Store of Toro: If these walls could talk

After reading the previous article on the Miller Store, aka Castleberry’s, Janell Fitts Richards shared some great photos of the store (it was Castleberry’s when Janell was young, and was operated by Mrs. Castleberry who was the daughter of previous owner Mr. Miller).

“My mom remembers this store from her youth (she was born in 1924),” Janell explained.  “It was Castleberry’s when I was young.  I took my children there in the early 80s and it was a museum of all the old items that had been used in the store.”

These photos are so great, and I know will be appreciated by many.  Thank you for sharing them with us, Janell!

Mrs. Margaret Castleberry
Mrs. Margaret Castleberry
Castleberry's in 1982
Castleberry’s in 1982
Interior photo. “It was a great museum,” Janell declared
Janell Fitts Richards' parents, Homer and Eunice Fitts, and Janell's children
Janell Fitts Richards’ parents, Homer and Eunice Fitts, and Janell’s children
These 80s photos are fantastic!


6 thoughts on “Photos shared from Miller’s Store (later Castleberry’s) of Toro Community”

  1. You do not know how much these pictures mean to my sister’s and myself. We have such wonderful childhood memories and Castelberry’s is a part of those. Again, thank you for taking the time to share your beautiful pictures and memories with us.

  2. Wow, I loved getting to go in that store as a child. Later when I was a teenager I would go there with my Brother, Doodle. Great memories.

  3. I started going to this store in 1959 when I married Audie Mitchell and moved to the Toro Community. Mr. Castleberry was running the store then. Audie and his cousins grew up going to this store. I remember how amazed I was by the gas pumps being on the front porch. Gas was about 30 cents a gallon then and cigarettes were about 30 cents a pack.

  4. I also remember this fun and historical store I moved here in 1979 I used to go and get fresh bacon among enjoying the surrounding historic memorabilia

  5. I remember when we would go to my aunts house we would always go see Ms. Margaret an Mr. Leon to get us a cold drink. We would sit a visit with them. An the things that they had in that store were so cool. Mr. Leon would sometimes give us a piece of 1 cent candy. Very nice people. I loved going to this store.

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