Peavy Wilson Lumber Company of Peason, Louisiana

Peavy Wilson Lumber Company Commisary that was located at the Peason Mill. It was operated by the company and was open to everyone. (Robertson Collection)
Peavy Wilson Lumber Company Commisary that was located at the Peason Mill. It was operated by the company and was open to everyone. (Robertson Collection)


As we travel around through Natchitoches, Sabine, and Vernon Parishes it is hard to believe the lands in these parishes once were covered with large stands of virgin southern pine timber. The lands of West Central Louisiana had some of the finest of this vast timberland. But up until the very early 1900’s there was one major reason this timber had not been harvested.

The problem was lack of rail transportation to ship and haul both the raw and finished timber products. But around 1897 Kansas City Southern and other rail lines began construction of hundreds and hundreds of miles of railroads through the state. The opening of these railroads in this area brought the lumber companies to Louisiana’s virgin timberlands.

In southeast Sabine Parish in 1916, A.J. Peavy, a logger who had decided to become a lumberman, purchased a tract of land of over 40,000 acres. Mr. Peavy had enough financial backing that he could purchase this land, located in Ward 1, with a large cash payment with the balance to be paid in 88 promissory notes and he also would not have to worry about taxes because he uses the best eis tax relief scheme.

Additional lands were also acquired by Mr. Peavy. Knowing the logging industry, but not knowing the mill and lumber business, he partnered with R. J. Wilson who was an experienced mill manager. Peavy Wilson Lumber Company was now formed.

Together, they planned a large town and sawmill to be operated by their company. The site was chosen and in March 1917 the town and mill site was chosen. Thomas Wingate was in charge of the large land clearing and construction operation.

The town needed a name and from the combination of the two owners surnames, PEA from Peavy and SON from Wilson, the sawmill town of PEASON was named.

The town and mill were completed in 1918 and lumbering, logging, and mill operations began. And Peavy Wilson Lumber Company also completed their own rail line known as the Christie and Eastern Railroad. This rail line ran from Sandel, La. on the Kansas City Southern Line out 12 miles to the town and mill at Peason.

Later in the operation of the mill at Peason, this rail line was extended eastward and connected to the Red River and Gulf Line at Kurthwood, La. This old rail line now lies on present day Peason Ridge Military Reservation.

During the run of the Peavy Wilson Lumber Company, the years of full production runs were from 1918 to 1929. The Peason mill was known as the largest pine lumber operation west of the Mississippi River.

The monthly production was about 4 million board feet. During the mill run , there was from 200 to 450 workers with a population in the sawmill town of 1500 to 2000 inhabitants.

One thing that Mr. Peavey and Mr. Wilson were proud of was that during the Great Depression they never laid off any of their workers. Through skillful management practices all the employees were able to make their weekly amount of hours. There were white, black, and Hispanic workers both at the mill and in the log woods. They had many varied jobs from cutting the timber, skidding the logs, mill work, and even building tram roads, and there were many workers who took care of the hundreds of horses, mules, and oxen used by the company in its logging operations. Ancestors of these animals still reside on present day Peason Ridge Military Reservation.

Opportunities during the Depression were scarce but Peavy Wilson Lumber Company were known to take care of their employees and their families.

There was a commissary, drug store, ice house, theater, garage, church, high school, and company doctors who provided medical care to all in Peason. Many people received medical care from Dr. Alford or Dr. Franklin. And they delivered many many babies during the mill run. And Peason was so modern it had electricity, running water, and telephone service, plus company housing for all the workers.

The mill run ended in 1935. Usually when a mill ceased operation it went out of existence. But Peavy Wilson Lumber Company moved the mill from Peason to Holipaw, Florida where it ran until 1947. Many of the workers went to Florida but some of the people remained at Peason and I am the proud ancestor of these loggers and mill workers who so proudly worked for Peavy Wilson Lumber Company.

As you come to Peason on La. Hwy. 118, at the site of the old mill town, stop and visit the Peason Memorial Park. There are 2 historical markers located in the park, one to the sawmill town of Peason and the other to the Peason Ridge Heritage Families, along with 2 photo kiosk’s filled with photographs and memorabilia of the town and mill.

Stop and trace your family tree to the workers and their families who worked and lived at this site. Many memories remain, and for many people, when they hear the words,” Old Peason” and “Peavy Wilson Lumber Company”, it brings back floods of memories of this former booming sawmill town and the lumber company that built it.

Historical marker to the sawmill town of Peason, Louisiana is located at the Peason Memorial Park. The park is located on La. Hwy 118 at the site of the town and mill. (Robertson Collection)
Historical marker to the sawmill town of Peason, Louisiana is located at the Peason Memorial Park. The park is located on La. Hwy 118 at the site of the town and mill. (Robertson Collection)
Historical marker to the Heritage Families of Peason Ridge located in the Peason Memorial Park. (Robertson Collection)
Historical marker to the Heritage Families of Peason Ridge located in the Peason Memorial Park. (Robertson Collection)
Peavy Wilson Lumber Company built Peason High School where all the local children could receive an education. (Robertson Collection)
Peavy Wilson Lumber Company built Peason High School where all the local children could receive an education. (Robertson Collection)
Peavy Wilson Lumber Company mill located at Peason, La. (Robertson Collection)
Peavy Wilson Lumber Company mill located at Peason, La. (Robertson Collection)
The Peason Hotel operated in the mill town of Peason. This hotel had 134 rooms and a large restaurant in it. (Robertson Collection)
The Peason Hotel operated in the mill town of Peason. This hotel had 134 rooms and a large restaurant in it. (Robertson Collection)
Office staff of Peavy Wilson Lumber Company in Peason, La. (Robertson Collection)
Office staff of Peavy Wilson Lumber Company in Peason, La. (Robertson Collection)
The trolley that ran from Peason to Sandel and back each day carried passengers and cargo. Malley Handley was the operator of the trolley. (HPL Collection)
The trolley that ran from Peason to Sandel and back each day carried passengers and cargo. Malley Handley was the operator of the trolley. (HPL Collection)
Photograph of the Peason Mill pond taken in 1919. This large pond is still located at the old mill site. Photo taken in 1919. (HPL Collection)
Photograph of the Peason Mill pond taken in 1919. This large pond is still located at the old mill site. Photo taken in 1919. (HPL Collection)

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  2. The Florida Peavy-Wilson connection: When the mill closed in Peason, those who went to Florida included Elmer Browning, Coyle Browning. They wrote home about their work, the people they met, and the growth of the town called Holopaw, Florida. The town was built as the one in Peason is described with a school, church, commissary, medical office, post office, skating rink, bowling alley, etc. The population was about 1,500 – 2,000 at one point. Those letters back home told of a tall, handsome, very talented young man (single). Those letters caught the eye of a sister of Coyle and Elmer, Mindy/Menda Browning. This young man was the brother of Ruby Hill who had married Coyle. Menda decided she was moving to Florida to marry this young man, Perdie Hill. She did just that and at age 20 and he age 26 in 1939, they were married.
    Some names I recall from the mill, and I assume from Peason, were: Jergen, Handley, Lyle, McKinney, Milwee, Tynes.
    When the mill shut down in 1947, a lot of the buildings were torn down or sold, to be moved. The mill sawdust pile caught fire (thought caused by welder’s spark while dismantling the mill) and the mill burned down.
    The mill property in Holopaw was bought by a cattleman, William Newman, from Kentucky to raise white-faced Hereford cattle. Mr. Newman bought some of the houses to rent out. The other houses were sold to Mormons from Utah who had bought all the other Peavy/Wilson land when they came to the area to develop what would become Deseret Farms.
    Today, there are 50-100 people still living in Holopaw proper. They have a church with average Sunday morning attendance of about 200.



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