Authentic 1800s log cabin preserved for all to see in Merryville, Louisiana

Burk's Log Cabin
Burk’s Log Cabin

It is the only authentic log cabin in Beauregard Parish, Louisiana.  It must be one of the oldest in Louisiana.  It is Burk’s House, a log cabin with a mud-daub chimney built in 1883.

Today, it is well preserved for anyone to see, in Merryville, Louisiana (west of DeRidder).

Burk's Cabin, in Merryville
Burk’s Cabin, in Merryville

The cabin was built by Andrew Jackson Burks and Buck Burks, south of Merryville on Hwy. 389 (Bancroft Highway).  Four generations were raised in the cabin.

The cabin was donated to the Merryville Historical Society in 1986 by Mr. and Mrs. Ruel Franks

Burk's Museum after it was moved to Merryville. Photo from Merryville Museum website
Burk’s Museum after it was moved to Merryville. Photo from Merryville Museum website

and Jack and Edith Franks.  It was moved to Merryville and then in September 1987 was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The cabin has deteriorated over the years, so the Merryville Museum is trying to raise funds to restore it.

There is more information about the cabin on the Merryville Museum’s website:


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  1. All us 389er’s who remember Uncle Webb living in the cabin know there was a kitchen off the back porch, separate from the house. They were built like this in order for the house not to be heated up in the summer and to prevent possible house fires. I remember he had a pie safe sitting on the back porch to the left of the door and the hand pump was at the opposite end of the porch. If you were sitting at the table in the kitchen, there was a window, no glass, on the north side of the kitchen with a shutter which could be lowered in the winter. There was a main room with the mud daub chimney and an additional room to the right for a bedroom. Uncle Webb had his bed in the living room. There was a small stair case in the left corner of the front door which led to the attic. I remember one time Granny Lorene Quave was checking the bed in the bedroom and found a chicken snake under the mattress. There was a picket fence around the house.

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