A step back in time, Bronson-style

From 1909 comes this postcard of Bronson, Texas.
From 1909 comes this postcard of Bronson, Texas.

In Sabine County, Texas, nine miles west of Hemphill, there is a town named Bronson.  It was once a hopping area, in the glory days of logging.  Donna Owens Jones shared two postcards from Bronson in 1909.  Back in that time, Bronson was just getting kicked off in its heyday, and had reached a population of 1,000.

From 1909, another postcard straight from Bronson, Texas
From 1909, another postcard straight from Bronson, Texas

I optimized the postcards a bit, trying to gain as much detail as I could without having a reverse effect, and I enlarged portions of each image.  In the first postcard, I was about to make out some detail…  on the left side, there is a Hotel, and on the right, what appears to be Horton or Norton Restaurant, along with a Grocery (possibly Thompson Grocery).  One of the businesses appears to have signage with the word “French” but I am hardly certain of this.

The second postcard reveals a W.T. Jones Pool Room, offering “Cold Drinks” and declaring “Hiawatha.”  There is a “General Merchandise & Feed Stuff” store and what appears to state “Ollie Nerwood Groceries.”  The “groceries” part I am fairly confident on, the “Ollie Nerwood,” not so much.

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19 thoughts on “A step back in time, Bronson-style”

  1. Wish I could see more. My cousins went to the high school after attending Rosevine Elementary! I have been to both schools with my cousins. Back then, if you had company from out of town, the children could just go to school with whom they were visiting.

  2. Great pictures I look at these and wonder if my dad walked around in these streets back then he was born in 1909. So I’m sure he did. I did in the 50s. But it was different then

  3. I lived in Bronson in the 50’s I enjoyed see old pictures of Bronson Tom Jones was my great grandpa He ran a store there at one time don’t know if this one was his or not thanks for sharing.

  4. My grandfather was a Key who grew up in Bronson as well as my mom. She would tell me about the “glory” days of Bronson and she often mentioned a drug store where she would get a fountain drink….I would love to see more of what it used to look like.

  5. My grandfather, George Burtis Whitehead was born in Bronson in 1900. He would have been 9 when this was taken. He might be one of the boys in a pic.

  6. The name of the city, Bronson, brings back many memories from my youth of about 1938 when we who were relaxing after a week of working in the field up in Milam and driving over past Hemphill to the “city” of Bronson.

  7. Happy childhood days of Bronson, between 1946-1965. My Father was Emery Flores and Mother was Ruby Flores. We lived on the old Joe Carlton place on the road that is now called Housen Hollow road. People were hard workers back then. Had to be we didn’t have all the computers and modern machinery to do the work for us.

    1. Jerry Dan, I was born on that road. The last time I went down there the old house was being use as a hay barn. It seems like it was about a mile on the right. Daddy sold the place somewhere 47-49 and bought a place from my uncle on the rod that turns off fm 1 to Strickland crossing. We lived there until 57 when he bought the old plainview school campus on fm 1.

    2. I was born in my grandmothers bedroom October 29, 1947. The home was owned by Fount & Amon Crocker.
      The house was a block off of the road to Hemphill (184). The road deadened into the school. I would love to know if the house is still there. It was a wonderful place until my grandparents went to heaven.

  8. My mom’s family is from Hemphill, Jasper, and Bronson, Texas. My grandmother’s maiden name was Dickerson. Her uncle Joe Dickerson was a doctor. A hospital in Jasper was named after him.

  9. I bought some land and a home in Bronson. There is still alot of old building still standing. Also lots of older homes deep in the woods that were abandoned.

  10. Anyone have news articles about the Aron Johnson murder in 1908, and the trial that followed? My g-grandmother was married to Aron. He was killed by his bro in law Robert Wright. I want to see articles that talk about Eva Johnson, her son, her new husband Joseph Allen Chambers. And in 1910 she had a baby girl.

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