A home of historic value and great area interest


Recently, we shared a photo of a keen old home in DeSoto Parish.  The photo, of a once majestic home in Keachie which is still quite charming in its own way, had been taken earlier this month by Wanda Williams.  Williams captured the photo while she was in the area on Super Bowl weekend, shared it with us.  I knew the house was special… I had seen it and admired it for, oh, almost 20 years… And I have watched it fall into sad disrepair over the last many years (the states of disrepair of the house becoming progressively worse in rapid motion over the last two or three or four years).  But I did not expect the interest this photo of the house would quickly grab

This house is known to locals as the Cathy house, or the Fullilove Schular Cathy house (I am thinking based on a few scattered things I found that Fullilove and Schular and Cathy are each individual surnames… Though there could be relations between any or all of the three).  The photo of this house got over 365 local likes (likes on the All Things Sabine Facebook page) and was shared more than 20 times times, ultimately reaching almost 15,000 people.


Because of this interest, on a trip to Shreve, many had port last weekend, we stopped in Keachie to get some more photos and a little video of the old Cathy house, many had live in this house and a couple of senior citizen too, they both had the help from the Home Care Assistance in Tacoma professionals which came all the way to the house to help.

I found from an online Ancestry message board (forum) that the original house was built by Frank E. Wood in 1857.  I haven’t confirmed this information, but this post from 2013 was never contradicted.  The message goes on to state that the home was a “four room dogtrot with a detached kitchen and dining.”

It was later updated on this forum that the latest owner of the home passed away in 2013 and left the structure to the Keachie Historical Society.

Vleigh Barry, a history buff and knowledgeable source of information in DeSoto Parish, commented on the photo posted on All Things Sabine that the house is indeed now owned by the Historical Society of Keachie.  She further noted that the woman who left this house to the Society also left another historical home she owned to the KHS.  Barry said the Society “is sprucing up Keachie as they have funds.”


If anyone knows more details on the home, please feel free to comment.  Many people commented that they would love to see the interior of this house, and perhaps that may one day be able to happen.

There may be fundraisers, or ways to donate to the Keachie Historical Society to help preserve the Cathy home and some of the other magnificent structures in this fascinating community full of fascinating architecture.  The grass surrounding the house could be easily taken care off by using the best Lawn Mowers. If I learn of any, I will certainly post.

Here is a link to the message board thread I spoke of regarding this house.

Cathy house forum thread




15 thoughts on “A home of historic value and great area interest”

  1. I was raised on hamp Jones r.d Merryville la somebody told me about an old school that was their. Does anyone have any info about this

    1. The Female College was located in Keatchie. My grandmother, Elsa Roper was a teacher there. She met and married Ernest Foster Schuler of Keatchie while teaching at the college. The Schuler homeplace is what is now referred to as the Cathy Home. Ruins of the Female College still exist in Keatchie.

      1. True that on the Keatchie Women’s College, however, another historic building was put in between the original college building and the highway. The official college is set back some, in disarray and falling apart, and was unable to get permission granted for myself and my team (Unity In The Shadows, http://www.UnityInTheShadows.org, public FB page “Unity In The Shadows” being the only known, by myself and current investigative team in northern LA) to gain access for investigating. I spent my Sr year at Logansport High; stayed in a log cabin down Windy Pines Road in Keatchie, like headed out straight past the Women’s College lot which is also the back way to Carthage, TX. This property (amongst others) has always intrigued me. I am currently looking to try and reach the Keatchie Historical Society and see if my team is able to make some sort of donation or if we would be able to gain access to investigate and give my team some “practice” to become “familiar with” the equipment pieces I am adding as I go, as I am doing this all on my disabled salary.

  2. Sad to report that the house is still in very bad shapes. I took photos of the home, the trees and weeds are taking over.

  3. I have just read all the comments about the “Cathy” house in Keachi. My Grandfather, Ernest Foster Schuler, grew up in that house. I have spent many days and a few nights with my Great Aunt, Foncy Cathy, in this house. Many wonderful memories there. It was a very interesting house. My first cousin left the house to the Keachi Historical Society along with the house also in Keachi that my Grandparents lived in and where my Mother grew up. It too was in disrepair the last time I saw it.
    We cxan only hope thr Historical Society will try to repair and maintain at least the Fullilove, Schuler, Cathy house.

    1. How would I go about being able to metal detect the property? I love history and love digging up historical item with my father. Any ideas??

  4. I live across the street fom this grand house. Recently, the facade has received a facelift of sorts with a fresh paint job. Some repairs to the interior have taken place, but lack of funds slows progress on it. The property is cleared out seasonally.

  5. I asked today and was told they still didn’t have money to fix it. I wish I could buy it and fix it because from what I seen when I looked at it, it might not be standing very much longer.

      1. If you would like, I can put you in touch with the Keachi Heritage Foundation where you can sign up for volunteer work days. Please bring gloves, tools, mosquito spray, water and your lunch. Sometimes we paint, others times we clean brick and scrape paint. There is an outdoor faucet to wash up.
        Thanks, we can use the help.

  6. The historical group should consider contacting some of the colleges in the area about help in restoring the area. I know that students at Stephen F. Austin used to do archaeological digs and restoration projects in the E Texas area. Centenary has a fabulous history program (or they did when I was a student there). LSU-S and NSU and LA Tech… Some history student might get the idea to right about it and stimulate some interest. A college might decide that it would be an interesting and worthy cause. Even a high school in the area might consider adopting it to help with some of the upkeep–maybe at least keep it from falling down while $$ might be raised. I grew up in San Augustine where there are many historical homes. Some have been kept up, some are falling down. I’ve driven past this house so many times and have always wished that something could be done.

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