A Desperate Affray: Hand-to-hand duel in early Zwolle, Louisiana


From The Shreveport Times, 1898

A Hand-to-Hand Duel in the Streets of Zwolle


A Nervy Officer Kills his Assaillant After Being Mortally Wounded

“From passengers who reached this city yesterday morning from Zwolle on the K. C. S. road, 62 miles south of this city. comes the particulars of the most desperate affray which occurred in that town Saturday afternoon between 5 and 6.

“A man by the name of Nick Suppicado who lived not far from Zwolle, a Mexican of a quarrelsome disposition, raised a disturbance in Zwolle.

“Johnnie McComic, the town marshal, attempted to arrest Nick. He re-sisted the officer, pulling a pistol at close range and fired on the constable, shooting him in the stomach.

“After falling mortally wounded, Mr. McComic pulled his pistol and lying on the ground, fired three shots into his assailant, one penetrating his heart and the other two his body, killing him instantly.

“Mr. McComic was conscious until 3 o’clock Sunday morning and died at 10 o’clock that morning. Mr. McComic married a Miss Bessie Parrott and leaves a most beautiful young wife and two small children to mourn his untimely death.”


4 thoughts on “A Desperate Affray: Hand-to-hand duel in early Zwolle, Louisiana”

  1. Got lots of relatives from Zwolle. All are buried in the Catholic Cemetery there. Will enjoy reading about history of area. Thank you for this site.

  2. Zwolle is portrayed as a bad place, but it isn’t. We have more good people than bad. We’re just a small town that don’t take shit from n e one.

  3. This story is tilted and favors the Sheriff more than it should. The fact of the matter is that Nicanor Sepulveda was of Spanish descent and the Spanish American war just broke out. People in the town had very racial bias against him, including this the so called “hero” Sheriff. “Nick” had been in the field working all day sowing crops, and came into town to buy provisions when the store owner would not serve him because he was Spanish. The wife of the store summoned the sheriff, and THAT is how the affray happened. Nick refused to leave town as the sheriff had ordered him, unless he could purchase provisions for his family which included a pregnant wife. History is written by the victors. My name is also Nick Sepulvado and this man is my great grandfather, and I carry his name PROUDLY.

    1. Thank you for sharing the other side of the story. I found it while learning about my ancestors. I believe my 5th great grandmother was the sister of one of your great grandmothers. Somos primos!

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